Baidu CEO Robin Li Establishes Life Sciences Company BioMap for Diagnosis and Drug Development via AI

Life sciences company BioMap was formally announced on Sept. 25, led by Baidu CEO Robin Li as chairman and Baidu Ventures (BV) CEO Liu Wei as co-founder and CEO.

Founded on Aug. 24, the company owns a registered capital of 1 million yuan, according to company information platform Tianyancha.

The Beijing-based Baiwang Hezhong Consulting Management Center, which is controlled by Liu Wei, owns 60% of BioMap’s equity and Liu directly owns the remainder.

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Positioned as a technology-driven life science company, BioMap seeks to commit to using bio-computing and multi-omics data technology to accelerate drug innovation and the development of early diagnosis while also helping to diagnose, control and prevent more types of fatal diseases.

BioMap currently divides its business into two phases.

In the first stage, it uses AI to build a complete biocomputing platform and jointly works with both startups and research institutions that provide new data axes, data analysis, and drug design tools.

In the second stage, BioMap will team up with partners to work on new methods for more personalized and precise diagnosis as well as targeted drug development.

The company’s development team included over 10 life science doctors with degrees from prestigious universities and institutions including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Stanford University and University of Oxford as well as professionals from biopharmaceutical companies.