Baidu Apollo Go Robotaxi Service Seeks Passenger Trials in Beijing

After conducting over 519,000km of road tests in Beijing, Baidu’s Apollo Go Robotaxi service was approved for phase 2 of autonomous vehicle road tests with passengers on board on Aug. 24.

Baidu launched a public-facing autopilot trial experience recruitment today on its Apollo official website, and users can submit applications through the official website and become early drivers.

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Baidu Apollo Go will also carry out manned demonstration operations on approximately 700km of autonomous driving test roads in Yizhuang, Haidian, Shunyi, and other areas in Beijing.

Baidu Apollo Robotaxi Test Ride in Changsha by Pandaily

Currently, the Beijing Autonomous Driving Test Management Joint Committee has instructed Beijing Mzone to complete the inspection, selection, open testing, and supervision and management of 200 autonomous driving test roads. It is reported that the total length of the test road reached 699.58km.