Baidu and Geely-Backed JIDU Debuts ROBO-01 SUV Standard Version EV

JIDU, a new energy smart vehicle company with joint investment from Chinese internet giant Baidu and leading automobile maker Geely, unveiled its ROBO-01 standard version vehicle, a medium to large-sized SUV, and the new pure electric coupe ROBO-02, at an automotive exhibition in Guangzhou on December 30. The ROBO-01 and its limited Lunar Edition will be delivered in 2023, and the ROBO-02 has not been scheduled for launch yet.

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JIDU ROBO-01 Standard Edition

JIDU’s ROBO-01 has a simple design and dynamic body proportion, with a body size of 4853mm x 1990mm x 1611mm and a wheelbase of 3000mm. The new car will be available in four colors, namely purple, gray, orange and white.

The standard version of the ROBO-01 restores the advanced design approach of its concept edition, and eliminates many physical controls such as door handles, central control buttons and shift lever. The car adopts four electric doors, which can be opened in various forms, including voice control and Bluetooth. The vehicle also retains futuristic designs such as a U-shaped steering wheel, a 3D unbounded integrated ultra-clear large screen, an active lifting tail wing and interactive headlights.

JIDU ROBO-01 Standard Edition (Source: JIDU)

The ROBO-01 comes standard with a Qualcomm fourth-generation Snapdragon digital cockpit platform, the 8295 chip, which is the first auto-grade chip to adopt a 5nm process, with AI computing power of 30TOPS. The computing power is nearly eight times higher than the previous generation products and supports immersive 3D interaction. In terms of intelligent driving functions, the model adopts a “Vision + Lidar” automatic driving scheme, and will be equipped with PPA (Point to Point Autopilot), the core function of a high-level intelligent driving system.

JIDU ROBO-01 Standard Edition (Source: JIDU)

The ROBO-01 is built on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform, and adopts the front all-aluminum double wishbone/rear all-aluminum H-Arm multi-link independent suspension that are always equipped on high-end vehicles. With a front and rear dual-motor four-wheel drive system, the maximum output power is 400kW. It has a 100kWh ternary lithium battery, so the cruising range under CLTC conditions exceeds 600km. The 100km/h acceleration time is 3.9 seconds.

The first brand experience center of JIDU will be opened in Shanghai. In 2023, the firm plans to enter 46 cities across China with a total of 100 stores, which will initially complete the layout of its sales network.


JIDU’s ROBO-02 is the first coupe model to be made by the company and the second model after the ROBO-01, which made its debut at Auto Guangzhou.

The front design of the ROBO-02 is very similar to that of the ROBO-01, and the shape adopts a fastback, which is very consistent with its positioning as a pure electric coupe. The new model also adopts a design without external door handles, and it is equipped with an active lifting tail, which further reduces its wind resistance coefficient.

The interior of the ROBO-02 has not been officially announced, but it is expected that it will eliminate physical controls such as a shift lever and provide a 35.6-inch 6K ultra-clear integrated screen, a U-shaped steering wheel, and panoramic glass awning with reference to the interior of the ROBO-01.

The company also has not disclosed the power configurations of the ROBO-02. In terms of intelligent driving, the ROBO-02 still adopts Baidu Apollo’s full set of high-level autonomous driving capabilities and safety systems, taking the lead in applying Baidu‘s ANP3.0 capabilities. It is believed that it will also bring users a high-level intelligent driving experience in multiple scenarios after the model’s future launch.