Baidu AI Cloud Collaborates with Samsung China: Galaxy AI Integrates ERNIE LLM

On January 25th, Baidu AI Cloud‘s official WeChat account announced that at the Samsung Galaxy S24 series product launch event, Xu Yuanmo, Vice President of User Experience Strategy for Samsung Electronics Greater China Region, and Chen Yifan, Vice President of Baidu, Inc., jointly announced the formal establishment of an AI ecosystem strategic partnership between Samsung China and Baidu AI Cloud.

According to the official introduction, Galaxy AI deeply integrates Baidu, Inc.’s ERNIE large language model with multiple capabilities. It can provide on-device empowered calling and translation functions, as well as intelligent summarization and typesetting functions powered by generative AI. In addition, the Galaxy S24 series of smartphones has pioneered “instant circle instant search”. Users can simply perform gestures such as drawing circles or lines on text, images, or videos to immediately obtain relevant search results.

Both parties also bring a “brand new upgrade” note assistant for Samsung Notes, which can perform operations such as content translation, summarization, and intelligent formatting. When users record voice, the AI on the device side can transcribe the speech into text in real-time and distinguish between different speakers, supporting multilingual translation and generating meeting summaries.

It is worth mentioning that at the Galaxy S24 series China launch event, Samsung announced its local partners for Galaxy AI: Baidu, Inc., WPS, Meitu, and other companies.

On January 25th, the Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series new phones were officially released and will be available for sale on January 31st. The overseas version of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series phones incorporate most of the new features of Samsung Galaxy AI, which are built on Google’s AI model. The Galaxy S24 series utilizes tasks on the Gemini Nano processing device, while Gemini Pro handles cloud-driven artificial intelligence tasks.

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