Baichuan AI Releases Baichuan2-53B, Expands into To B Field with OpenAPI

On September 25th, Baichuan AI released the closed-source large model Baichuan2-53B, which comprehensively upgraded the capabilities of Baichuan1-53B. Baichuan2-53B not only significantly improved its mathematical and logical reasoning abilities but also greatly reduced model hallucinations through a high-quality data system and enhanced search. It is currently the large model with the lowest hallucination problem in China.

As one of the first large model enterprises to pass the record filing, Baichuan AI has also opened up the Baichuan2-53B API interface this time, officially entering the To B field and starting the commercialization process. Enterprises and developers can integrate Baichuan2-53B into their applications and services through APIs.

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Baichuan2-53B is the 6th large-scale model released by Baichuan AI. Baichuan2-53B has made significant optimizations in two aspects. In terms of high-quality data construction, Baichuan2-53B has created a unique data quality system. By classifying the data according to low-quality and high-quality standards, it ensures that Baichuan-53B always uses high-quality data for pre-training.

In terms of information retrieval, Baichuan2-53B has upgraded multiple modules, including key components such as instruction intent understanding, intelligent search, and result enhancement. This comprehensive system accurately drives the search for query words by deeply understanding user instructions. Ultimately, with the integration of large language model technology, it optimizes the reliability of model-generated results to achieve more precise and intelligent model response outcomes while reducing model illusions.