BAIC Launches ARCFOX Alpha S Huawei HI Version

Positioned as an “intelligent luxury electric sedan,” the new HI (“Huaiwei Inside”) version of ARCFOX Alpha S model was launched on May 7. The price of the standard edition is 397,900 yuan ($59,316), while the price of the advanced edition is 429,900 yuan ($64,087).

Based on “BE21,” an electric hardware platform with full redundancy architecture, ARCFOX vehicles can be equipped with more advanced driver assistance systems and intelligent cockpit systems. Thus, BAIC-backed ARCFOX has joined hands with Huawei to build the “1873 Davidson Innovation Lab,” which deeply integrates ICT technology with intelligent and connected vehicles, realizing deep cooperation from core technology to marketing terminals.

The new HI version of ARCFOX Alpha S is described as the result of collective wisdom, combining BAIC’s new energy three-power technology, platform technology, whole-vehicle manufacturing capability and Huawei’s ICT technology.

Richard Yu, Executive Director of Huawei and CEO of its terminal business, congratulated the launch of the new HI version of ARCFOX Alpha S model, calling it “the first production car for the ‘Huawei Inside’ mode, which will open the intelligent era of electric vehicles.”

The new model is equipped with Huawei’s autonomous driving technology and its HarmonyOS system, supporting high-level intelligent driving on urban roads.

During R&D of the new model, engineers from both sides cooperated for more than 1,200 days, and the test mileage exceeded one million kilometers. The new HI version of ARCFOX Alpha S has 34 high-sensing hardwares, forming a 360-degree full-coverage ultra-high fusion sensing system, truly restoring the 3D physical world and accurately identifying obstacles. Its MDC810 intelligent driving computing platform supports 400 TOPS super computing power to cope with the test of complex road conditions.

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In terms of performance, thanks to a high-efficiency powertrain composed of a customized power battery system and front asynchronous motor plus rear-drive synchronous motor, the peak power of the new four-wheel drive motor exceeds 473kW, with peak torque exceeding 655 N · m and 100 km/h acceleration in less than 3.5 seconds. The maximum charging power is 187kW, which can supplement the cruising range of nearly 200km in 10 minutes, and it takes only 15 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%.