Autonomous Driving Startup GoFurther.AI Secures Round A+ Financing

GoFurther.AI, an autonomous driving company, announced the completion of the company’s round A+ of financing on August 8. This financing was jointly led by Xingxiang Capital and Ruizhu Capital, and was followed by Trinity Innovation Fund, Chasing Financial and Grandway Capital.

After this round of financing, GoFurther.AI will continue to increase its product research and development and market investment.

Founded in 2017, GoFurther.AI is a provider of unmanned driving core technology and smart logistics products in China. Its core team comes from the National University of Defense Technology and has more than 30 years of experience in automated driving research and development. The company has full-stack independent R&D capability ranging from chassis and structures, to hardware and software.

GoFurther.AI’s vehicles currently have L4 automated driving capability and have been equipped with sensors such as LiDAR, millimeter wave radar and cameras. With multi-source sensing and positioning technology, the company’s vehicles can seamlessly switch between indoor and outdoor actions, and high-precision positioning without relying on GPS or other global navigation satellite systems.

Based on its independent and controllable software and hardware technology, GoFurther.AI has developed a series of unmanned vehicle products which are built for a variety of terminal logistics application scenarios. Among them, the Jedi unmanned vehicle can provide a variety of containers and cabinets for retail, express, fast food, disinfection and logistics applications to meet the different business needs of customers.

At present, together with partners such as, Meituan, Huawei, Foxconn, China Post, Rakuten, GoFurther.AI has commercialized unmanned vehicles in several situations such as campuses, parks, scenic spots, factories, and others. In 2021, it took the lead in realizing mass production of 1,000 units of unmanned vehicles. Up to now, the cumulative testing and operation mileage of all vehicles has reached 600,000 km, and the cumulative number of parcels delivered has reached 1.3 million.

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An Xiangjing, founder and chairman GoFurther.AI, said: “We firmly believe that the era of unmanned driving will definitely come. These vehicles will be put into use on high speed roadways and other open areas.”