AutoFlight Successfully Performs World’s First Inter-City Demonstration Flight

On the afternoon of February 27th, AutoFlight completed the world’s first eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) cross-city and cross-bay route demonstration flight (Shenzhen-Zhuhai). The 5-seat eVTOL aircraft Shengshi Long developed independently by AutoFlight completely simulated a family flying from Shekou Cruise Center in Shenzhen to Jiuzhou Port in Zhuhai, shortening the one-way ground journey of 2.5 to 3 hours to 20 minutes.

The eVTOL, known as the “air taxi” or “flying taxi,” does not require traditional airports and runways. It takes off vertically like a helicopter, transitions to fixed-wing flight mode in the air, and cruises at high speeds like a conventional large aircraft. It is purely electric-powered, safe, environmentally friendly, quiet, and comfortable. Passengers can book rides with one click on their mobile phones for point-to-point travel within cities and metropolitan areas without the need for traditional airports. Once operated on a large scale, its costs can rival those of ground-based car services.

The eVTOL flight route for this flight is operated by Shenzhen East General Aviation Co., Ltd., a strategic partner of AutoFlight. East General Aviation has signed a purchase order for 100 AutoFlight aircrafts, and in the future it will use AutoFlight for more eVTOL flight operations to promote the implementation of more commercial scenarios. By then, low-altitude travel will no longer be the “patent” of a few people, and the general public can choose “flying taxi” as a comfortable and enjoyable efficient way of travel.

According to reports, the aircraft can carry 5 people, with the core module being 100% domestically produced. The cruising speed can reach 200 kilometers per hour. In 2023, AutoFlight set a global range record of flying 250.3 kilometers on a single charge for a two-ton eVTOL and achieved the world’s first full-size validation of multiple eVTOLs weighing over one ton flying in formation with multiple aircraft and crews in the same airspace performing full conversions as part of a three-aircraft formation flight mission.

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