Baidu Establishes Institute for Quantum Computing

Since the beginning of this year, quantum computing has attracted vast attention, with an increasing number of companies competing for leadership in the field. Today, Baidu announced its establishment of the Institute for Quantum Computing. It plans to establish world-class standards within the next five years and gradually integrate quantum computing into its business.

JD Launched Luxury E-Commerce Platform TOPLIFE

With e-commerce platforms competing with each other in luxuries, luxury goods which were out of reach now have become commodities that could be ‘ordered simply on mobile”. Of course, you must have enough money in your bank account. Although before, JD.com hired dama (aged women) as models for luxury goods and the Gucci glasses sold […]

Chinese Apps Become Popular Overseas

Chinese apps are popular overseas, especially in Russia, America and Japan last quarter. Tool, photography and video apps are the most popular ones. In Russia, the top 250 apps in the two largest stores—— App Store and Google Play enjoy over 222 million downloads, among which about 17.88 million comes from Chinese apps, with a […]