As Zeekr Completes First Batch of Deliveries, Protection of Car Owners’ Rights Continues

On October 23, Zeekr 001 officially started delivery, with a total of 199 units delivered in the first week. However, the continuous denunciation letters from its car owners have caused this new brand, which has attracted much attention from the industry, to fall into controversy.

Three days after the deliveries of Zeekr 001, the EC Skylight caused dissatisfaction among car owners, who jointly acted to defend their consumer rights. According to the statement about the skylight, the owner of a Zeekr 001 said that they had spent 10,000 yuan ($1,563) to install the EC skylight, which was seriously inconsistent with the promotion ad released by the company. In the owner’s view, the EC skylight of the vehicle was depicted as black, while the real one looked blue, so car owners thought that there was “misleading consumption,” requiring the company to give a reasonable explanation.

After receiving the joint statement from the owners, Zeekr responded that the company had invited car owners to visit its factories and launched activities for owners to experience the EC skylight. If the users choose to cancel the EC skylight for their car after the experience, relevant personnel will communicate the follow-up matters.

“There are technical challenges in the dark gray skylight, and we decided to adopt the blue ones now,” An Conghui, CEO of Zeekr, said in response to the matter at the delivery event of Zeekr 001. After this issue, Zeekr officially reduced the optional price of the EC skylight to 6,000 yuan. On November 2, Zeekr issued a statement, indicating that users can choose to cancel the optional configuration of an EC light-sensitive skylight and the loss of canceling the part will be borne by the company.

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According to Zeekr’s introduction, the EC skylight can automatically sense the intensity of ambient light to change color, so as to block infrared rays and other sunrays, providing heat insulation and protecting privacy. In addition, users can change the color of the awning through the control system and voice interaction. It is reported that its ultraviolet barrier rate and SPF sun protection factor are higher than those of traditional skylights.

In addition to the EC skylight, some car owners who have already received their new vehicles have reportedly encountered problems such as the failure of face recognition and seriously distorted images generated by the 360-degree camera system. Some car owners who chose a dark black interior thought that its appearance is different from the leather material shown in the company’s promotional videos, issuing a joint statement asking Zeekr to offer a solution.