Apple Launches WeChat Official Account, Answers Questions in Real Time

Users who search for “Apple” on WeChat may be directed to the new Apple Official Account, which offers information, purchasing services and other functions since January 18.

For Apple users, in addition to the customer service line and official website, the Apple WeChat official account offers an efficient Internet information channel.

Tencent Technology said the Apple WeChat official account belongs to Apple Electronics Trading (Beijing). It has a typical Apple style, with a logo in Apple’s official white-and-black color scheme. The account offers three functions: hot topics, product purchases and online services.

Users can look up information on the platform, such as the latest New Year activity, and also can purchase Apple products. The purchase process is roughly the same as in the Apple Store App. Pre-market and after-sales service is the most important function. Users can look up nearby retail stores, book maintenance time, read warranty information and ask questions online.

Apple customer service staff respond fast and answer questions patiently. Even if they can’t solve problems directly, they will provide guidance. More importantly, compared to Apple’s customer service phone, the Apple Official Account is more efficient. Users don’t need to wait before contacting service staff.

Localization Efforts

Apple’s Official Account is undoubtedly a big step forward, confirming Apple’s ongoing localization efforts in the China market. The channel follows an increase in the number of Apple stores and a localized iCloud. Apple’s Official Account enables Apple to have firsthand contact with Chinese consumers, to respond quickly to users’ needs and is in line with the habits of Chinese mobile Internet users.

This article originally appeared in Tencent Technology and was translated by Pandaily.