Ant Group Releases App Version of Google Docs-Like Tool Yuque

Ant Group released an app today called “Yuque,” a Google Docs-like tool for online document editing and collaboration, available for Android and iOS, after nearly two weeks of alpha testing. Before this, Yuque could only be used through web pages or PC software.

Public information introduces Yuque as a public cloud knowledge base product incubated by Alipay. It has served thousands of enterprises since becoming an open source software. With its content editor, structured knowledge catalog and multi-site collaboration capabilities, users can facilitate better document management and office project collaboration for enterprises and employees.

The structured knowledge base management is similar to the table of contents of books. Different from other products that allow users to create documents at will, Yuque requires that all documents fall into a specific knowledge base. By designing the product in this way, Yuque hopes to help users build up the awareness of information management and cultivate good habits from the very beginning.

The Yuque app supports space switching, allowing users to switch to the space by clicking their profile photo after logging in. The iOS version supports iPads, making it convenient for users to synchronize across multiple terminals.

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According to the Computer Network Information Center at the Chinese Academy of Science, in the first half of 2021, an average of 36 minutes per day of online meetings were spent by users of Zoom, Tencent Meeting and DingTalk, and more than a 37.7% utilization rate was recorded for online office products, so the online office market still has great room for growth.