Amazon Joins Hands with WeChat AI Team

On September 25, Amazon announced that it would join forces with many of the world’s top tech companies including Tencent, to form the Voice Interoperability Alliance (VII). The VII is committed to making products with voice control capabilities more flexible, allowing users to wake up the devices with different wake-up commands and to choose among multiple different voice services.

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As a member of the alliance, the WeChat AI team of Tencent will focus on Tencent‘s small and micro intelligent voice assistant solutions, providing one more option for wake-up commands. At the same time, the WeChat AI team will contribute to consumer experiences through the exploration and accumulation of data to fuel AI algorithms.

Amazon has Alexa, and Tencent has the virtual assistant Xiaowei. However, due to the high development cost and memory load, few people have previously tried talking to both Alexa and Xiaowei on the same device. It is now highly possible in the future.

The collaborations between Amazon and multiple solution providers including Tencent WeChat AI include:

  1. Develop voice services that work seamlessly with other voice services and protect user privacy and security;
  2. Build a voice device capable of supporting multiple wake-up commands at the same time to provide more choice and flexibility for the user;
  3. Publish technologies and solutions that make it easier to integrate multiple voice services on a single device;
  4. Accelerate the study of machine learning and dialogue AI to enhance the scope, quality and interoperability of voice services.

Apart from this, reliant on years of AI technology accumulation, the WeChat AI team also launched the “WeChat dialogue open platform”. On the one hand, it focuses on connecting the ecological resources of the platform, while on the other hand connecting smart devices and terminals and creating a diverse range of smart solutions for partners.