All You Need to Know About Xiaomi’s New Fitness Tracker Mi Band 4

Xiaomi has officially unveiled its Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in June 2019, which is an upgraded version of its predecessor Mi Band 3. Though it shares many similar features with Mi Band 3, Xiaomi had added some solid improvements to this new generation fitness tracker. With a budget friendly price and useful features, it is competing in the fitness tracker market with other products of famous activity tracker brands, such as Samsung Galaxy Fit, Garmin Vivosmart, Fitbit Inspire HR, Huawei Honor Band 5, etc.

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Mi Band.4 Review – Just An Upgraded Mi Band 3? by Pandaily

Release Date and Sale Price

  • Officially released on June 11, 2019
  • Priced at $39.99

Mi Band 4 was first released in China on 16 June 2019, then in Europe on 26 June 2019. Now Mi Band 4 (NFC edition) sells for 229 yuan, in the UK it is available for £34.99 in Xiaomi’s official store. In the US, people can buy it on Amazon for $39.99. While in India, one of Xiaomi’s main markets, the Mi Band 4 has not yet launched, but it is expected to sell at 2000 to 2500 Indian rupees, since the older Mi Band 3 is currently priced at 1999 Indian rupees.

Design and Display

  • 0.95-inch color AMOLED touch display
  • 39.9% larger and brighter than Mi Band 3
  • Customized clock faces

Compared to Mi Band 3’s monochrome display, the new Mi Band 4 has a colorful AMOLED display and Xiaomi provides dozens of different clock faces which allow users to personalize the watch’s appearance. Its high resolution of 128 x 240 makes it much brighter and more vivid than before. Besides, the curved edge screen on the Mi Band 3 has been replaced with a flatter display panel.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs  Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 4 vs Mi Band 3

Highlights of Mi Band 4

  • Payment via QR Code
  • NFC functionality
  • AI assistant Xiao Ai

One of the biggest highlights is that now people can pay via the payment QR code displaying on Mi Band 4. This might not be considered a highlight for overseas users, but in China it’s really convenient as you can pay with the QR code almost anywhere.

Like the payment feature of Mi Band 4, the NFC functionality is exclusive in China. It’s pretty useful when you take subways or buses. And it can also be used as access control card.

The new Mi band upgrade also features the virtual AI assistant Xiao AI who much like Alexa and Siri, can answer your questions, play music, help checking your schedule and so on.

Fitness Tracking

  • 5ATM waterproof
  • Workout modes tracking
  • Connected GPS
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep tracking

The Mi Band 4 sports a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope to more accurately track your stats when exercising and swimming. With the upgraded device, you can not only wear it to swim, but also record your swimming strokes and distance. Its 24/7 heart rate monitoring can safeguard your health around the clock and alert you in case your heart rate reaches dangerous levels.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4  workout mode
Xiaomi Mi Band 4 workout mode

Battery Life – Up to 20 Days

  • 135mAh capacity
  • Excellent battery life

The super long battery life of the Mi Band is another good reason why people end up choosing a Xiaomi tracker. It takes the Mi Band 4 about two hours to reach full charge, and that single charge can last for 20 days with moderate usage.