Alipay to Dedicate One Billion Yuan for Chinese Women’s Football

On Wednesday, Alipay released a document entitled “Work Summary of Supporting Women’s Football in China,” which introduced the firm’s investments and achievements in supporting women’s football in recent years.

Alipay said that since its “1 Billion for Ten Years” initiative was unveiled three years ago, it has invested 250 million yuan ($39.3 million) in the Chinese Football Association (CFA). Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, 50 million yuan remains unused and will serve as future funds. Alipay has spent over 50 million yuan in bonuses and subsidies for the Chinese national women’s football team when they participate in major competitions. Apart from this, Alipay has provided funds to improve the training level of the national team, train coaches, cultivate youth athletes and promote women’s football among youth.

By employing sci-tech ability, Alipay assists the CFA in developing block chain player data systems. It helps record and analyze videos and data of leagues and training competitions at all levels including the CFA Women’s Super League, so as to strengthen China’s women’s national team and youth training. Alipay also develops a selection system for young female football players to help discover more talented girls.

The Chinese women’s national football team defeated South Korea 3-2 in a finals match to win the AFC Women’s Asian Cup title on February 6, becoming the champion of the event again after a 16-year drought. After the game, representatives of Alipay’s “1 Billion for Ten Years” initiative announced plans to award 13 million yuan to the Chinese women’s national football team and to members of Shui Qingxia’s coaching team.

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 The initiative was unveiled in July 2019 to support the long-term development of women’s football in China. It contributes to the development of women’s football in a comprehensive manner, from training upgrades of the Chinese women’s national team, injury protection and transition of women’s football players upon retirement, technical development of women’s football and training of coaches, and the promotion and development of youth women’s football. 

It also included subsidies and bonuses for national team women’s football at all levels as they participate in international tournaments. Reportedly, out of the two hundred million yuan in funds during the first two years of the program, more than ten million yuan was spent on bonuses for national players and coaching staff, effectively improving the treatment of female football players and coaching staff.