Alibaba Provides Free COVID-19 Consultation and Medical Training for China’s Rural Areas

Hangzhou-based tech giant Alibaba has launched a special campaign to provide free COVID-19 consultation services for rural areas, support the training of grassroots medical staff, and donate urgently needed medicines and medical devices to 22 underdeveloped counties across the country.

China’s rural areas are a crucial point for pandemic prevention and control, due to their vast territory, large population and relatively scarce medical resources.

The free COVID-19 consultation services provided by Alibaba Health and Alibaba Foundation last from December 31, 2022 to February 6, 2023, and all the consultation expenses will be covered by the Foundation. A special area for the real-time service has been officially launched on Alibaba‘s Taobao shopping app, including four modules for adults, children, pregnant women and the elderly. The users can search “see doctors” on Taobao and click “free COVID-19 consultation” to have the service.

Alibaba donated antipyretics, N95 masks, antigen test kits, oximeters and other urgently needed materials for the treatment of COVID-19 to 22 underdeveloped counties such as Pu’an in Guizhou, Pingshun in Shanxi and Yongshun in Hunan in the first batch, covering more than 5,200 rural clinics and medical serving centers in dire need of help.

In addition, Alibaba Health has joined with expert teams from respiratory, infectious and emergency departments of Peking University First Hospital and Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University to provide professional training such as precautions for antigen detection, self-health monitoring while having fever, protection for special patients (elderly, pregnant women and children), medication, rehabilitation, and more, so as to enhance the ability of grassroots doctors to diagnose and manage COVID-19 infected cases.

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Next, Alibaba and Alibaba Health will cooperate with more national authorities and clinical experts to provide grassroots doctors and medical staff with free online training on clinical diagnosis and emergency response skills related to COVID-19.