Alibaba Invests in EQuota Energy

According to information available on Chinese enterprise data platform Tianyancha, EQuota Energy on Tuesday issued a change to its official registration with the Industrial and Commercial Administration, adding Alibaba as new shareholder and increasing its registered capital to about 8,282,900 yuan ($1,304,086).

EQuota Energy was established in 2014. From its earliest investors, including Zhongyin Ventures, to Alibaba, the company has earned the favor of many large institutions. It is worth mentioning that although Alibaba has throughout the past ten years mainly invested in its main business – e-commerce logistics – it also invested in Fair Robotics at the beginning of this month.

EQuota Energy is an industrial intelligence tech firm. Based on AI and big data technology, it helps enterprises to digitally detect energy consumption and failure of industrial equipment. It services the users at every stage, covering both energy supply and the demand side, in the entire industrial chain spanning from energy efficiency optimization, operations and maintenance monitoring, to carbon emission management, energy planning, electricity trading services, micro-grid services, and others.

EQuota Energy has partnered with Shell, General Electric, Wanda Group, New World Group, Huaneng Group and other renowned corporations. The company owns a number of international algorithm patents, and its core technologies, such as prediction models, deconstruction analysis and anomaly detection are in a global leading position.

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The founding team of EQuota Energy comes from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and its core members are senior experts with more than 10 years of management experience in the fields of industry, power and IT. The firm’s R&D team consists of senior architects and machine learning engineers from Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors and Hewlett-Packard.