Alibaba Inks Cooperation with French Brands to Promote Eco-friendly Development

At the fifth meeting of the China-France Business Council, Alibaba and the world’s largest cosmetics group L’Oréal signed a strategic cooperation agreement to create an innovative “digitalized circular economy model for beauty products”. This partnership aims to promote green low-carbon concept and develop measurable and achievable solutions for circular economy.

Under the agreement, both parties will collaborate on developing low-carbon products, implementing low-carbon logistics, and promoting low-carbon marketing and consumer education. In addition, they will work together to explore sound solutions for green circulation in areas such as warehousing, packaging, distribution, and recycling.

Many French companies have always been significant business partners of Alibaba, according to Daniel Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba. Despite the pandemic, more than 5,000 French consumer brands collaborated extensively with multiple digital retail platforms under Alibaba in 2022, which directly served hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers. Many small and medium-sized French enterprises that do not have branches in China are utilizing cross-border e-commerce to easily supply high-quality French products to the vast Chinese market, stimulating domestic demand in China.

Meanwhile, given that sustainability is now a globally shared goal of socially responsible enterprises, Alibaba has extended its collaboration with French companies to sustainable development initiatives. In 2022, Alibaba launched the “Decarbonization-friendly Action” program with consumer brands and 24 companies have joined the program since then, including L’Oréal and French multinational food-products corporation Danone, in an effort to enhance research and development of eco-friendly products, design sustainable packaging solutions, improve green logistics practices and implement environmentally conscious marketing strategies.

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Zhang also believes that Chinese and French companies share a common vision for a digital and intelligent future. Specifically, Alibaba Cloud is collaborating with several French enterprises in cloud computing, including but not limited to architecture, big data platform construction, and intelligent carbon reduction. This partnership aims to facilitate their digital business expansion across Asia and Europe.

“Drawing on our expertise during Beijing Winter Olympics, we look forward to providing digital support for the Paris Summer Olympics in 2024, which marks the 60th anniversary of Sino-French diplomatic relations,” stated Zhang.