Alibaba Founding Member Steps Down from Affiliated Company of Taobao Education

Business information inquiry platform Tianyancha showed that on Friday, Alibaba (China) Education Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Taobao Education, had a change up in its top level employee structure. Zhao Jing has succeeded Trudy Dai as the legal representative of the enterprise. Trudy has stepped down as chairman and general manager of the company and leaves Zhao Jing in charge of the company as the new executive director and general manager of the company.

Taobao Education responded that it is a normal change of a corporate’s legal entity and has nothing to do with the company’s management.

Alibaba (China) Education Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with brands known as Taobao University and Taobao Education.

According to the official website of Alibaba Group Holding Limited Group, Dai joined Alibaba in 1999 as a member of the company’s founding team. She is currently the President of Alibaba’s Industrial E-commerce (formerly “B2B business”) and Community E-commerce.

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Before taking up her current position, Dai served as the company’s Chief Customer Officer of, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration of Taobao and Alibaba, Deputy Chief People Officer and Chief People Officer of Alibaba Group, as well as General Manager of Earlier, she was Vice President of Human Resources of Yahoo China and the first General Manager of the company’s Guangzhou branch and Senior Sales Director of TrustPass, the company’s third-party credit agency.