Alibaba Cloud’s Qwen-VL Officially Opens to the Whole Society Today

On September 13th, Alibaba Cloud announced that the large vision language model Qwen-VL has been approved for filing in its initial batch and is officially open to the public.

Readers can log in to the official website of Qwen-VL for experience, while enterprise users can access the Qwen-VL API through Alibaba Cloud.

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In April this year, Alibaba Cloud Qwen-VL started its invitation testing. Officially revealed, within just one month, over 200,000 enterprises and organizations have applied to access the Qwen-VL test.

Currently, OPPO, Dewu, DingTalk, Taobao, Zhejiang University and others have reached cooperation with Alibaba Cloud to train their own exclusive large models or develop large model applications based on Qwen-VL.

Last month, Alibaba Cloud announced the open-source release of the Qwen-7B universal model and Qwen-7B-Chat conversational model, with a total of 7 billion parameters. Both models have been launched on the ModelScope platform and are available for free commercial use. Alibaba Cloud also stated that they will soon release an even larger-scale model version for free commercial use by the entire society.