Alibaba Cloud Told to Rectify Information Leak Without User Consent

Recently, a letter from Zhejiang Communications Administration to the complainant on July 5 shows, on November 11, 2019, Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. disclosed the registration information retained by the user to a third-party partner without the user’s consent.

On August 23rd, a director from Zhejiang Communications Administration told 21st Century Business Herald that the reply letter was true for the above problems.

Alibaba Cloud says the complaint, after an internal investigation, happened around Double Eleven in 2019. An Alibaba Cloud telemarketing employee violated the corporate discipline and privately obtained the customer’s contact information and disclosed it to the distributor’s staff, which led to the customer’s complaint.

In response, Alibaba Cloud says, “It’s strictly prohibited for employees to disclose user registration information to any third party, and the incident has been handled seriously as per the corporate institution. The company has actively rectified and improved the shortcomings at the personnel management in compliance with the legal requirements.”

Alibaba Cloud had a complaint filed against it by IP geographic location database company IPIP.NET for alleged infringement.

On July 21st, Alibaba Cloud and IPIP.NET issued a joint statement. The statement admits Alibaba Cloud staff violated the corporate norms when developing products. Alibaba Cloud immediately pulled the relevant content, rectified the IP geographic location library products, and dealt with the staff involved seriously. It also improved its internal control process mechanism in an effort to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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