Alibaba Cloud Launches New AI and Big Data Products, Establishes Damo Academy in Shanghai

On January 30, Alibaba Cloud organized an AI and Big Data Summit in Singapore. During this event, the company introduced a range of AI computing and big data products designed for international markets. These innovations are part of Alibaba Cloud’s strategy to facilitate AI-driven digital transformation for customers around the globe.

The new offerings from Alibaba Cloud encompass a serverless AI service platform and big data products that utilize vector engine technology. These tools aim to provide comprehensive support for the development and application of AI models. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud announced the overseas launch of PAI-QuickStart, a product that enables the entire AI modeling process—from training to deployment to inference—without requiring any code. This is possible due to its use of open-source models.

In related news, Damo Academy (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., a new company with a registered capital of 10 million RMB, was recently established. This company, wholly owned by Alibaba‘s Damo Academy (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., will operate in various fields, including internet information services, integrated circuit chip design and services, product sales, and AI basic software development.

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