AkuSense Secures Nearly $10 Million in Round A+ Financing

AkuSense, a provider of industrial smart sensor solutions, announced on July 5 that it had closed a Series A+ financing round worth nearly $10 million with Shunwei Capital as the leading investor and Yiheda as the co-investor. Scheme Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor.

AkuSense was established in 2010 and focuses on the development of industrial-grade intelligent sensors for the 3C electronics, new energy, semiconductor process, medical electronics and service robotics industries. It provides sophisticated intelligent and AI sensing solutions for high-precision positioning, image recognition, precision measurement and obstacle avoidance safety.

This financing round is marked for two main aspects: R&D and recruitment. In terms of R&D, the company will expand its team to support the R&D of optoelectronic underlying devices and chips in addition to optics. It will also build five labs for precision optics, upgrade intelligent workshops and enhance production capacity. Secondly, in terms of the company’s business operations, the company will continue to upgrade its business flow of all departments. It will build 6 new field offices to form a service network that can support 200 core distributors and 40,000 users to provide a better and more comprehensive industrial intelligent sensor solution.

Tang Kexin, founder & CEO of AkuSense, said that the company was initially established as an agent of German industrial sensor brands. It established its Meijidenki brand in 2011 and formed its initial product line with the strategic cooperation of SCAN in Taiwan, China. The company started the independent research and development of industrial photoelectric sensor products in 2014.

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AkuSense has built four product lines for various kinds of sensors: precision positioning, deep learning, precision measurements and obstacle avoidance safety, covering 14 categories and 93 different series. Among them, the core of the company is its precision positioning and measurement sensors.

It has more than 120 core patents, and has R&D centers in Shenzhen and Changsha, with an annual production capacity of 10 million units. The shipment of meijidenki will exceed 6 million units this year. Many leading manufacturers, suppliers and integrators use its products, including Apple, Huawei, Foxconn, Samsung, and BYD.