AKA Robotics Completes Round A Financing

Shenzhen-based intelligent robot enterprise AKA Robotics has completed its A round of financing. The financing round was led by Legend Capital, a well-known domestic institution, and was followed by Cash Capital and Beyond Capital. Its existing shareholder Qianhai FOF increased investment. This round of funds will be used to invest in R&D, accelerate its market expansion of a special robotic series of products and its overseas market expansion.

AKA Robotics was established in 2017 and has grown into an enterprise that provides intelligent special robots and green comprehensive solutions for rust removal, cleaning, spraying, polishing and the inspection of large steel-structure facades. Its robot products have been widely used in ships, petrochemicals, wind power and other industries, which help free workers from harsh working environments such as high-risk and high-pollution areas.

AKA Robotics has obtained nearly 100 patents and software rights in the fields of wall-climbing robots, intelligent control algorithms, controllers, super-high pressure waterjet technologies, machine vision and others.

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Raymond Chen, co-chief investment officer of Legend Capital, spoke about the company’s achievements: “Legend Capital continues to pay attention to the investment opportunities in the field of robots. At present, the application of special robots in ships, petrochemicals, wind power and other industries is facing an inflection point. It has broad market space and prospects in the future, which can will heklp reduce manual work in harsh environments and play a greater role in industrial production and social life.”

Cynthia Li, founding partner of Beyond Capital, added: “There are many high-risk aerial work scenarios on ships as well as in the petrochemical, wind power and other industries. The general trend is towards green, efficient and safe robots to replace traditional labor, and the market is about to usher in great development opportunities.”