AI startup Singularity Systems Receives Investment in Round A+ Financing

AI application company Singularity Systems Inc. announced on Friday it has received investment of tens of millions of dollars in an A+ round of financing. This round of financing was led by Ince Capital and followed by BitRock Capital, with Yuanyi Capital as the exclusive financial adviser. Previously, it has received a strategic investment of tens of millions of yuan from Huatai Innovation, a subsidiary of Huatai Securities.

Singularity Systems is an international AI enterprise with world-leading natural language processing (NLP), intelligent image processing and big data analysis and prediction technologies. It mainly focuses on financial services and is committed to developing light-sized, agile and efficient technologies and solutions.

Founded in 2019, Singularity Systems is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, and has offices in Beijing and Shanghai. Its customers include many leading global commercial banks, insurance companies, investment banks, world mining giants, oil and gas energy giants, and leading advanced manufacturing enterprises.

Singularity Systems’ original codeless and adaptive real-time AI platform iteratively optimizes traditional automation products such as data acquisition tools and RPA and precipitates a large amount of data that is difficult to be structured into usable data assets. It can not only deploy with zero code but also iterate quickly and independently, which greatly reduces deployment and maintenance costs and solves the problem of the large-scale implementation of traditional AI companies.

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Gan Jianping, founding partner of Ince Capital which led this round of financing, said that digital transformation is a major challenge and also an opportunity faced by enterprises all over the world, accompanied by the explosive growth of data assets, which is difficult to precipitate and utilize. Concerning this, AI technology has broad application prospects.