A Tesla Owner Ordered by Court to Apologize for Infringing Tesla’s Reputation

On November 22, the court made a judgment in Tesla’s lawsuit against the “Shanghai Auto Show Incident” for infringement of the right of reputation. The court found that Ms. Li from Xi’an was liable for infringement of reputation and must publicly apologize to Tesla and compensate for the loss, while also bearing the vehicle appraisal fee.

The defendant, Ms. Li from Xi’an, had a traffic accident while driving a Tesla in March 2021. On April 19, 2021, Ms. Li from Xi’an and Ms. Zhang, wearing clothes with the texts “brake failure”, appeared at the Tesla booth at the Shanghai Auto Show. 

The report stated that during the trial of the case, the court commissioned a judicial appraisal agency to appraise the vehicle. The appraisal opinion is: The braking system of the Tesla Model 3 is currently technically normal and effective without faults, and there is no situation where the brake pedal cannot be pressed down and the braking efficiency decreases, which meets the relevant technical standards. The court judgment requires that the defendant, Ms.Li, must delete all remarks and comments that damage the reputation of the plaintiff Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. she posted on Sina Weibo, and apologize to Tesla in writing on Sina Weibo. 

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