60 Leapmotor T03 Mini-Electric Cars Set Sail for Israel

On September 8, China’s smart electric vehicle brand Leapmotor announced that the first batch of 60 mini electric vehicles, the T03, were exported to Israel, opening the first step of the brand’s overseas expansion. Its partner is a well-known, leading company in Israel’s automobile industry that was established in 1981.

Leapmotor’s T03 measures 3620/1652/1592mm with a wheelbase of 2400mm and is priced between 79,500 to 96,500 yuan ($11,427 – $13,871) in China. It is equipped with the Leapmotor Pilot intelligent driving assistance system, and is offered in two versions, one with a cruising range of 301km, the other 403km, both of which fall under China’s light-duty vehicle test cycle (CLTC) standardized test. Inside, the vehicle is also equipped with a 10.1-inch LCD central control screen.

(Source: Leapmotor)

The T03, as the company’s first export model, has passed the European Union’s Whole Vehicle Type Approval and obtained the necessary sales licenses in the European market. It can now be officially registered in all EU countries.

(Source: Leapmotor)

At present, the Israeli market is experiencing a process of transformation from fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles with pure electric cars seeing high rates of growth in the market. Hatchbacks and minis have become the primary choice for many Israeli consumers. In addition, it is expected that from 2030, Israel will completely ban the import of gasoline and diesel vehicles, and the imported vehicles will only be limited to electric or natural gas vehicles, which is beneficial to Leapmotor.

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According to delivery data released by Leapmotor in August, a total of 12,525 units were delivered in that month, reaching a new high for four consecutive months, with a year-on-year increase of over 180%. From January to August 2022, a total of 76,563 Leapmotor vehicles were delivered.

Many Chinese automobile companies are looking overseas to expand their markets, with several companies having already entered the Israeli market. On August 2 of this year, BYD announced that it would cooperate with Shlomo Motors of Israel to sell new energy vehicles in the country. The first batch of cars are scheduled to arrive at Israel’s Eilat port in Q3 this year. Prior to this, BYD worked with Shlomo Motors in the field of electric buses.