2021 New Energy Vehicle Value Preservation Rate List Released

On January 6, China Auto Dealers Chamber of Commerce (CADCC) and Cheegu jointly released the 2021 China Automobile Value Preservation Report.

Based on the analysis of market data tracked by the CADCC and second-hand car data estimated by Cheegu, the report gives an indication of the value preservation rate of China’s automobile market. The report tracks the rate of value retained by automobiles as they age over time, including independent, joint venture and imported vehicle models.

In the subdivided list of new energy vehicle value preservation rates, the Wuling Hongguang MINIEV ranks the first with a value preservation rate of 89.78%. The XPeng P7 ranks second with a preservation rate of 85.67%, while the Tesla Model 3 which sells well worldwide ranks third with a preservation rate of 84.67%. Another Tesla model, the Model Y, ranks fifth.

The BYD Han has a preservation rate of about 79.36%, ranking the sixth in the list while the GAC Motor Aion V, the NIO ES6, the GAC Motor Aion S and the BYD Tang rank seventh to tenth respectively.

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As for producers, Japanese car brands still have the best value preservation rate of 71.91%, putting it in first place. German and Korean cars rank second and third respectively, with value preservation rates above 60%. Compared with that in 2020, the value preservation rates of Chinese car brands have obviously soared, from the seventh place in 2020 to the fourth in this latest report.