Zongmu Technology Launches the Automatic Driving ‘Power Bank’

Recently, Zongmu Technology CEO Tang Rui announced the official launch of Zongmu Technology’s new subsidiary – Cantron Robotics, and introduced its new product – FlashBot.

According to the introduction, this product is an energy robot and also a ‘mobile charging treasure’ for new energy vehicles. It is equipped with L4 level intelligent driving capability and has a capacity of 104KWh. It can provide intelligent charging services for new energy vehicles in parks, parking lots, and other scenarios.

Tang Rui said that before the large-scale commercialization of autonomous valet parking, FlashBot will be the best product to achieve commercial application of autonomous valet parking in enclosed areas.

He believes that matching the random occurrence of distributed energy demand and supply through fixed infrastructure investment, such as using fixed charging stations to match randomly occurring charging demands, and using fixed storage systems to match distributed photovoltaic power generation with storage, is destined to be an inefficient resource allocation process and inefficient asset investment. However, if we combine autonomous driving mobility with energy storage batteries, we can have a larger space and time frame to match the demand and supply of this distributed energy, thereby providing more convenient energy exchange and achieving efficient utilization of assets.

Zongmu Technology was founded in 2013 and is headquartered at Shanghai Zhangjiang International Science and Technology Innovation Center. Its main business is intelligent driving systems. In June 2021, a fund under Xiaomi invested in this company, which was only 60 days after Lei Jun announced Xiaomi‘s entry into the car-making industry. Currently, Hubei Xiaomi Yangtze River Industry Fund Partnership Enterprise (Limited Partnership) still holds 5.3298% of the company’s shares.

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