ZEEKR 001 FR High-Performance Model Is Equipped with 4 Motors

Vice President of Geely Group, Yang Xueliang, introduced the ZEEKR 001 FR model through his personal Weibo account as part of the build up.

The official slogan of the promotional poster is ‘Can all four wheels think independently?’ Later, in response to a question from PS3 Paul, an automotive blogger, Yang Xueliang stated that the vehicle will be equipped with four electric motors.

Zeekr Automotive previously unveiled its ‘ultimate performance masterpiece’ and ‘million-dollar supercar,’ the Zeekr ZEEKR 001 FR, on August 10th. According to Zeekr, the ZEEKR 001 FR features an ‘extreme weight reduction’ with a full carbon fiber aerodynamic kit including front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, spoiler, and roof.

ZEEKR 001 FR adopts lightweight high-performance forged wheels, further enhancing handling and driving stability. The officially claimed carbon-ceramic top-level brake discs are said to be comparable to the braking systems of multi-million-dollar supercars.

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‘Zeekr Evolution Day’ will be held on September 1st, during which the ‘supercar-level’ Zeekr ZEEKR 001 FR will officially debut. The official slogan is ‘Instant Movement’ accompanied by the 100km/h symbol at the bottom of the poster, indicating that there will be emphasis on zero to one hundred acceleration.