Banma Receives Capital Increase of ¥3 Billion

On Wednesday, Banma announced that Alibaba Group, SAIC Group, SDIC and Yunfeng Fund jointly increased their capital by ¥3 billion in Shanghai.

Zhang Chunhui, co-CEO of Banma, said that the company would increase investment in the research and development of its operating systems to facilitate the building of a more intelligent and digital automobile portion of the company.

Established in 2015, Banma focuses on the research and development of autonomous intelligent automobile operating systems, and helps automobile enterprises build differentiated intelligent cars based on self-developed AliOS, providing users with a better and more intuitive driving experience.

In November 2020, Banma achieved a financing injection of more than ¥100 million from Alibaba.

According to official data, up to now, Banma has cooperated with SAIC, FAW, Volkswagen and other key automobile enterprises on nearly 100 car models for more than 3 million smart car users.

From the second half of this year to next year, Banma’s self-developed heterogeneous integrated intelligent cockpit OS will be employed by many automobile brands.

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Zhang Chunhui believes that Banma can provide excellent user and data operations experience, which can help partners within the industry chain build a wholly digitalized process and better smart cars overall.