Xpeng Motors Welcomes a Visit From Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun along with Leaders of YY and Kingsoft

He Xiaopeng, chairman of the Chinese electric vehicle startup Xpeng Motors, welcomed a visit from top Chinese tech leaders to the auto maker’s new headquarters in Guangzhou on July 18.

Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, together with Li Xueling, founder of the live-streaming company YY, and Zou Tao, CEO of Kingsoft, were in the tour where He Xiaopeng introduced XPeng‘s four years of development and invited the guests for a test drive on the new XPeng G3 EV SUV to be delivered at the end of 2018.

Zou Tao from Kingsoft, He Xiaopeng, Leijun, Li Xueling from YY visited the G3 exhibition hall.
Zou Tao from Kingsoft, He Xiaopeng, Leijun, Li Xueling from YY visited the G3 exhibition hall. Image Source: Xpeng weibo.

”As a startup, Xpeng offers great working conditions,” said Lei Jun during the visit to Xpeng‘s headquarters, Xinhuanet reported. Li Xueling from YY and Zou Tao from Kingsoft also spoke highly of the interior and exterior designs of XPeng‘s new vehicle, praising the quick but quiet acceleration of the new EV.

Leijun experienced the Xeng G3.
Leijun experienced the Xeng G3. Image Source: Xpeng weibo.

Lei Jun and He Xiaopeng have known each other for a long time. In 2004, He Xiaopeng was the co-founder and chief product officer of UCWeb, a mobile internet software technology and service provider in dire need of funding. It was Lei Jun and other affiliated investors who made a total investment of four million yuan which helped UCWeb complete its angel round.

Recently, He Xiaopeng also expressed his gratitude towards Lei Jun through his support for Xiaomi. Two days after Xiaomi’s IPO in Hong Kong on July 10, He posted on social media saying that he has already bought 100 million dollars worth of Xiaomi shares.

Xpeng G3
Xpeng G3

He also stated that for great companies, the best time to invest in their stock is when there is fear and confusion in the market. “I was fortunate to have purchased Alibaba shares in 2013 and 2014 which I’m still holding on to. I also began to buy Tencent shares since 2014,” he said, “but unfortunately I have not bought enough.”

“I have a strong feeling that Xiaomi will be as great as Alibaba and Tencent in the future.”