Xpeng Motors Responds to Termination of Fresh Graduate Job Offers

Chinese electric vehicle firm XPeng Motors was recently found to have broken hiring contracts with 20 fresh graduates. The company responded to Chinese media on Friday, saying that due to recent position adjustments and merit pay system optimization within some departments, a small number of hired fresh graduates had been affected. The firm added that it would continue communication and deal with the matter properly.

According to XPeng Motors, since the beginning of 2021, the firm has hired more than 10,000 new employees, among which about 1,600 are fresh graduates, with 900 more to be employed in the future. It is expected that they will begin working this July.

The firm also said that in 2022, it will continue to invest in its strategic innovation business along with eco-enterprises, increasing investment in R&D and talent cultivation. It will continue to recruit employees regarding the R&D, manufacturing, data and sales services. At the same time, the recruitment of fresh graduates will remain the focus of its recruitment work. However, the company also aims to control and adjust some non-core businesses as well as middle and back office operations, further improving its internal strength, management efficiency and business performance.

Prior to this, according to a post by a Chinese web user on a professional networking platform, a senior student studying in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, reported that he had received an offer from XPeng Motors through campus recruitment last year, then signed an employment agreement with the company. However, in May this year, the company’s HR said that the company could not provide the job because of business adjustments.

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The student also said that the company provided 5,000 yuan ($749) as the compensation for him, and that there were over 20 students who had been terminated job offers like him for various reasons, such as because the prospective employee’s university was not good, the individual was not suitable, and the operation of the company.

By the end of May, the critical period of university campus recruitment in China is basically ended, and relevant hiring channels will be completely closed. Some web users said on a social networking platform: “Basically, everyone has signed the contract that after graduation, they will be employed by the company. However, at this time, the firm broke the contract and compensated just 5,000 yuan ($749), which ruined the future of our fresh graduates at such a low cost. They can’t get a job easily now.”