Xpeng Motors Responds to Concerns Over National Charging Grid Compatibility

Xpeng Motors, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in China, responded to a report from an Xpeng car owner that its cars could not connect and charge via the national electric charging grid available throughout China. Specifically there were claims that the company’s flagship G3 model was not compatible with certain charging stations.

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Xpeng is actively communicating with the State Grid to coordinate software iterations and enhance the charging experience for G3 models through OTA upgrades,” apologized Xpeng in a statement regarding the inconvenience caused to its customers, “During this period, we recommend users in the Beijing area to use Xpeng’s super charging stations or other third-party charging solutions for charging.”

XPeng G3 Motor
XPeng G3 Motor

Xpeng has been communicating with the State Grid to establish an agreement to upgrade and optimize the electric vehicle charging infrastructure to accommodate Xpeng’s vehicles. Presently, the Guangzhou-based automaker’s cars can be charged via the home charging station installed upon purchasing an Xpeng car, or at specified Xpeng charging stations. The lack of compatibility with the State Grid charging infrastructure is a major inconvenience for Xpeng owners.