XPeng Chairman Proposes Speeding up Lawmaking for Autonomous Driving

The “Two Sessions”, an annual parliamentary meeting that gathers delegates from across China to discuss and approve national priorities, will be held soon. He Xiaopeng, chairman of Chinese electric vehicle maker XPeng, who was elected as a delegate for the first time, put forward suggestions on accelerating the systematic guarantee of autonomous driving.

He pointed out that in the development of intelligent networked vehicles and autonomous driving technology, due to imperfect laws and regulations, it is difficult to define who is responsible for an accident and what the rules are for compensation.

In comparison, countries such as the United States, Britain and Japan have already clarified the responsibility of safety and the insurance coverage of autonomous vehicles. In 2015, some insurance companies in Japan launched special insurance for autonomous driving tests, which aims to cover the risks that may occur during the test and encourage enterprises to develop autonomous driving technology. He believes that a programmatic plan for self-driving car insurance should be formulated according to thr specific conditions in China.

High-precision maps are essential to ensure high-level assisted driving and automatic driving. However, He pointed out that due to the rapid changes in urban roads in China, high-precision maps need frequent updates.

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He said in the proposal that, on the premise of ensuring the security of national geographic information, the review process of high-precision maps should be further optimized, and more effective ways should be adopted to timely update data, thus shortening the period from collection to use of high-precision maps.

In addition, He proposed allowing and encouraging intelligent networked cars to be collectors of data for the upgradation of high-precision maps.