Xiaomi’s Products Won the Good Design Best 100

The Good Design Award judging panel announced that Mijia electric scooter won the Good Design Best 100 Award, which is one of the most valuable prizes of Good Design Award. Earlier this year, this scooter won Reddot Award 2017 Best of Best. Besides, Mijia LED intelligent lamp won iF Product Design Award and MIX won gold medal of International Design Excellence Awards. Thus, MI has won all awards of the world’s four major design awards.

The Good Design Award, which originated in Japan, has a history of 60 years, and it is also ranked as the world’s four major design awards with iF Product Design Award, Reddot Award and International Design Excellence Awards. Every year, more than 4000 products participate in Good Design Award. 1200 products could win awards and the best 100 of them will be ranked as the Good Design Best 100, whose value is equal to iF Product Design Award, Reddot Award and International Design Excellence Awards. This time, that the Xiaomi electric scooters won Good Design Best 100 also means Xiaomi has obtained the world’s top four design awards in 2017.

As for electric scooter that wins Good Design Best 100, the committee comments, “generally, the Mijia electric scooter is very intelligent in the design and operation. The safety-related components and battery ingeniously integrate with each other. The way to fold the scooter is quite ingenious and the experience is great”. The appearance inspired from traditional skateboard is highly evaluated, and the overall color blending is also very clever. In all, it has a simple but very vivid appearance. And there’s a surprisingly strong motivation when users experience it.”

Among Xiaomi electronic chain products, apart from Mijia electric scooter winning Good Design Best 100, Mijia laser projection TV won Good Design Award for its unique design language and details and Mijia interphone also won Good Design Award for its non-traditional appearance. Meanwhile, the comfortable and unified design style left judges with deep impression. In addition, the UI design of MI water purifiers and Mijia LED intelligent lamp won Good Design Award for their innovative graphic Design and comfortable interaction way, which is Xiaomi’s first time to win UI Design Award.

At present, the four most authoritative design awards globally are iF Product Design Award, Reddot Award and International Design Excellence Awards and Good Design Award, which have different priorities. The iF Product Design Award originated in Germany with a long history. Inherited Bauhaus design concept, this award values human-computer interaction and takes people first. The Reddot Award, which also originated in Germany, has a very detailed vertical division, aiming to select the best products in different fields. The IDEA award hosted in the United States is the world’s only industrial design award, focusing on innovation. While the Good Design Award from Japan is generally believed to be more biased towards Japanese design style. We can say that the four design awards each has its strong field and prioritized direction. That Xiaomi won four design awards within a year could be understood as that Xiaomi has won the recognition of the world’s senior master in industrial design field.

Lei Jun, Xiaomi company founder and CEO, wrote in an e-mail sending to all staff after successively winning iF Product Design Award and Reddot Award, “In past month, Xiaomi won two highest awards of world’s top industrial design award, suggesting that Xiaomi design has had a leading position in the field of international industrial design, and has received high recognition, which is good news for every Xiaomi worker. Xiaomi attaches great importance to design. Currently, there are over 400 staff in design team who have designed a lot of cool hardware and software products that are popular among our fans. I believe that Design in China, this great era has come! Xiaomi, fighting!” Less than half a year after sending the letter, Xiaomi won another world top design awards, the IDEA gold award and Good Design Best 100. In addition to mobile phone, more Xiaomi ecological chain products including TV, purifier, rice cooker and others all have their own distinctive, recognizable and unified style. After years of efforts, Xiaomi design tops international leading position in the field of design and will continuously walk in the forefront in the field of global design.


This article originally appeared in TechWeb and was translated by Pandaily.

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