Xiaomi’s Founder Lei Jun to Give 600 Shares to Every Employee of Jinshan Group

On Monday, which marks the tenth year of Jinshan shifting its business focus from software to mobile Internet, Lei Jun, chairman of Jinshan Group announced in a letter that he would give 600 shares to all employees of Jinshan, totaling about 4.8 million units. This decision aims at honoring the contribution that all the employees have made to the achievements of the group and encouraging employees to further make their contribution to the expansion of the company.

“It’s the tenth year of Jinshan’s full transformation from a software maker into a mobile Internet company, and it is also my tenth year here as chairman of Jinshan. In the past ten years, Jinshan’s income has risen from less than 1 billion to more than 12 billion, which is all due to theeffort of our employees. These 4.8 million shares are special souvenirs given to everyone,” Lei Jun said.

Jinshan Group’s business scale covers office applications, games and cloud services. In November 2019, Jinshan Office listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, and its current market value has grown to about 178.407 billion yuan. Jinshan Group’s game business witnessed an increase of 41% in its operating income from 2010 to 2020. After going public on the Nasdaq on May 8, 2020, Jinshan Cloud has seen its stock price stay around $7.046 per share.

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Lei Jun said in the letter that, as an old technology company that has transformed from general software production, Jinshan has moved away from outdated technologies and never feared the challenges of the mobile internet era.

On July 2, Lei Jun announced that he would award 70 million shares to Xiaomi‘s 3,904 outstanding employees. Lei Jun also personally took charge of the “Young Engineer Incentive Plan”, and distributed 16.042 million shares to 700 outstanding young engineers.