Xiaomi PR Department General Manager Announces “Xiaomi EV SU7 Ultimate Debunking”

On January 5th, Wang Hua, the General Manager of Xiaomi‘s Public Relations Department, announced on Weibo the “Ultimate Refutation of Xiaomi EV”, stating that “until the official launch event of Xiaomi EV is over, all information and posters related to Xiaomi EV versions and prices are fake.”

Wang Hua has clarified and debunked the rumors circulating on the internet about the fabricated prices of Xiaomi cars three times in the past two days.

Wang Hua said, “Until the official Xiaomi EV product launch event is over, all information and posters with Xiaomi EV versions and prices are fake. It is impossible to have prices and policies before the official release. Do not believe in so-called internal rumors; no one knows the real price or even the official release date because everything has not been confirmed yet. How to evaluate whether the pricing poster you see is genuine? It’s simple, check if it was posted by the official Xiaomi EV account, check if I posted it.”

Xiaomi‘s founder, chairman, and CEO Lei Jun posted on Weibo on January 2nd, asking, “Who can compete with Xiaomi SU7 in the same category?” Netizens responded that they didn’t know who the competitor in the same category was and urged Lei Jun to announce the price of Xiaomi cars as soon as possible. In response to this, Lei Jun said, “Is there any competitor within 500 thousand RMB?”

At the previous pre-launch event of Xiaomi‘s EV on December 28th, Lei Jun stated that the pricing of Xiaomi‘s EV would not be 99,000 yuan or 149,000 yuan. The average price for cars with similar battery configurations is over 400,000 yuan. He had previously hinted multiple times that this Xiaomi EV “will be a bit expensive but reasonably so.”

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