Xiaomi India Announces Cooperation with Shell India

On Tuesday, Xiaomi India announced a new partnership with Shell India with the goal of making its products more accessible to consumers.

The partnership will start in Bangalore, where Shell has selected five gas stations to sell a range of accessories and daily necessities from Xiaomi, including portable electric air compressors, the Mi Smart Band 5, razors, headphones, Redmi 20000mAh power banks and others.

Xiaomi India said its vision is to make technology and innovation more accessible to consumers all over the country while expanding its customer base. Through the partnership with Shell, consumers will be able to buy their favorite Xiaomi and Redmi accessories while on the road.

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Xiaomi India also launched its first multi-channel solution last year called Mi Commerce. The new channel aims to blur the line between online and offline availability. At the end of 2021, Xiaomi announced that it had opened its 10,000th Mi Home store offline in China, and will now will pay more attention to its global expansion.