Xiaomi Auto Denies Rumors of Shutdown Due to High Temperatures

Recently, there have been rumors that due to high temperatures in the workshop, Xiaomi‘s car factory will be shut down and vehicle deliveries will be delayed. In response, Xiaomi quickly clarified the situation. On July 2nd, Xiaomi‘s official car account announced that delivery of the Xiaomi SU7 series will be further accelerated. Starting from July 1st, it is expected that the delivery period after locking in orders can be shortened by up to 5 weeks, with over ten thousand deliveries scheduled for July.

On July 2nd, Wang Hua, the head of public relations at Xiaomi, responded to rumors about the suspension of work at Xiaomi‘s car factory on Weibo. Wang Hua said: ‘In the past few days, friends have been asking me if the factory is going to stop production. I have always replied that I don’t know because simple oral transmission can always lead to various misunderstandings. So friends who are concerned about this matter can take a look at the official statement…’

On the same day, Xiaomi‘s official Weibo account announced that the delivery of Xiaomi SU7 is progressing smoothly. Double shifts started in June, and monthly deliveries have exceeded 10,000 vehicles. The latest development is: starting from July 1st, the delivery of the Xiaomi SU7 series will be further accelerated, with an expected maximum reduction of 5 weeks in delivery time after locking orders.

At the same time, Xiaomi‘s car division stated: “We will conduct a new round of production line optimization and maintenance recently to prepare for further capacity enhancement. Please rest assured that production line optimization and maintenance will not affect our goal of continuously exceeding 10,000 deliveries in July.

According to official data from Xiaomi‘s car division, the delivery volume of Xiaomi SU7 exceeded 10,000 units in June, and the delivery volume in July is expected to continue to exceed 10,000 units. Overall, Xiaomi SU7 is in a phase of continuous production capacity increase. In April, the delivery volume was 7058 units, reaching 8630 units in May and exceeding 10,000 units in June.

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Despite the continuous increase in delivery volume, Xiaomi SU7 is still facing a situation of high demand and short supply. At the Future Car Pioneer Conference held in June 2024 (the second edition), Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi Group stated that during its first month entering the automotive industry, orders for Xiaomi SU7 exceeded 88,000 units.

Regarding the delivery plan for Xiaomi‘s car in 2024, Lei Jun said: “In June, our factory will start working double shifts. We want to ensure that we deliver over 10,000 vehicles in a single month by June. Throughout the year, we guarantee the delivery of 100,000 vehicles and aim to reach 120,000 vehicles. Many people may think this goal is not that impressive, but truth be told, delivering 120,000 units of a single model within nine months is still a record-breaking goal in the industry.”

In addition to optimizing production lines and accelerating delivery on the production side, Xiaomi‘s car business is also stepping up efforts on the sales side. According to official sources from Xiaomi‘s car division, in June, Xiaomi added 17 new stores, with a total of 87 stores operating in 30 cities nationwide. In July, Xiaomi plans to add another 17 stores covering four new cities: Jinan, Changzhou, Changchun, and Guiyang.