WeChat Launches A New Function “Ask” in “Search”

On March 28th, it was announced during the “2023 WeChat Open Class” that WeChat will soon launch a new feature called “Ask a Question” on its search function. This feature encourages users to ask questions and creators to provide answers.

The relevant person in charge stated that currently, there is an increasing demand for search within WeChat among users. Some of these demands are particularly specialized or have not yet been met by existing content. “By allowing users to directly raise all their questions, we are also creating a platform where all creators can easily browse through the questions raised by users and filter out those they have the ability, professionalism and willingness to answer.”

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Therefore, in WeChat, creators can flexibly choose to log in to Video Accounts or Official Accounts, and they can also conveniently choose to publish text and images or videos.

In the future, high-quality answers will be displayed to users when they search for related questions in WeChat search. Users can like, share or follow the creators of approved answers. It is reported that WeChat will gradually open up its Q&A function and invite certified video creators from education, tourism, food and science industries to participate in the experience in the first phase.