Vehicle Autopilot Technology Developer Smarter Eye Bags $47 Million in Round-B Financing

Smarter Eye, an automated driving product research and technology company, announced on Saturday that it had completed a round B of financing totaling nearly 300 million yuan ($47.07 million), with leading investors including China Development Bank Venture Capital and Lenovo. Other investors include Moom Group and One Capital.

Founded in Beijing in October 2014, Smarter Eye provides auto-level 3D environment perception solutions and active safety systems based on binocular vision algorithms.

In addition, Smarter Eye is an member of the Baidu Apollo ecosystem and is the only high-tech enterprise focused on intelligent vision sensors invested in by the Baidu Apollo Fund in China.

In 2021, Smarter Eye’s height limit warning system was applied to many Chinese recreational vehicle products. Its active safety system for commercial vehicles has been adopted by companies across the fields of public transportation, rental agencies and fire prevention. In addition, its newly launched third-generation stereo vision system, dustproof and waterproof camera, and road preview system are expected to obtain many OEM orders in 2022.

With the deepening of ADAS applications, the binocular camera shows its technical advantages in many complex scenarios. Benefiting from the further reduction in the cost of binocular cameras, Smarter Eye combines stereo vision algorithms with deep learning, and gradually builds core competitiveness.

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In addition, automobile intelligence develops along with the increasing demand for three-dimensional perception of the driving environment, and lidar and binocular stereo camera are being equipped on mass production models.

In the past two years, building an intelligent chassis has become a hot spot for investment, as they allow autonomous driving vehicles to run more smoothly.

Based on a binocular road preview system, Smarter Eye realizes 3D reconstruction perception of road detection, and pre-guides the suspension system of the vehicle to adjust the height and the driving mode of the vehicle in real time.

In addition, the independent suspension adjustment of front and rear wheels can be guided according to the road elevation curve, which greatly improves the stability and comfort of driving.