Universal Name Service Network Builder SPACE ID Finishes .bnb Domain Auction

SPACE ID, a platform aimed at building a universal name service network which seamlessly connects people, information, and assets, has finished the auction of ten premium .bnb domains on Binance NFT on August 2. The auction generated over $670,000 in sales.

The ten premium domains include 000.bnb, 999.bnb, dapp.bnb, satoshi.bnb, defi.bnb, nft.bnb, love.bnb, abc.bnb, crypto.bnb, wallet.bnb. The highest two sales were 000.bnb for 1100 BNB and 999.bnb for 1000 BNB.

SPACE ID’s name service network, which it is developing with Oracle, is decentralized, censorshop-resistant, and open-sourced. A Space ID is not just a username, but a self-sovereign database to locate users’ resources across any chain.

The platform has already launched its .bnb decentralized domain service on the BNB Chain in July and will open pre-registration for whitelisted users starting from August 10. The .bnb domain pre-registration consists of 3 phases in total: submitting wishlists, auction, and register.

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