UISEE and Baoding Ants Logistics Released Unmanned Transportation Project

Chinese autonomous driving company UISEE announced its cooperation with Baoding Ants Logistics on Tuesday and jointly released the unmanned transportation project in Baoding Ants Logistics’ plant in Xushui.

This project will adopt the first unmanned logistics vehicle transformed from Great Wall Pao EV, and aims to replace the traditional fuel vehicles driven in Baoding Ants Logistics’ plant in Xushui. As a result, the transportation of parts from each subsidiary’s location to the final assembly workshop could be upgraded.

The unmanned logistics vehicle developed by Great Wall Pao is equipped with U-Drive intelligent driving system independently developed by UISEE. This model will be able to intelligently identify traffic lights, avoid pedestrians, pass through lifting doors, and transport goods on rainy days and nights. It also supports L4-level automatic driving in different scenarios. 

The vehicle could be used in various complex indoor and outdoor working conditions and bad weather such as rain, fog, and snow, and effectively solves logistics transportation problems in factories, large logistics parks and other industrial uses.

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Up until now, Ant Logistics has used more than 10 Great Wall Pao unmanned logistics vehicles and 7 transportation lines in its Xushui Plant, covering 3 major parts workshops and 2 final assembly production lines. The vehicles are used for transporting parts within the plant itself.

According to a rough estimation, the unmanned logistics vehicles have saved the equivalentof about 15 double shifts. The project has been in operation for over 6,000 hours, and its unmanned vehicles have been used for more than 15,000 km.

UISEE was established in February 2016. Its headquarters and R&D center are located in Beijing, providing AI driving services, and its R&D centers, R&D trial production and application innovation centers are located in Jiading, Shanghai and Jiashan, Zhejiang.