Two Smartphone Design Patents Leak for Auto Giant Geely

According to Chinese commercial inquiry platform Tianyancha, Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd., which is affiliated with domestic auto giant Geely, has recently obtained authorization for two smartphone design patents. These are the first patents related to mobile phone appearance to leak since Geely announced plans to develop its own smartphones.

According to the patent summary, this design product is used for mobile communication or man-machine interconnection, and “the key point of design lies in shape.” The patent drawing shows that the front of Geely’s smartphone features a notch, while the rear cameras are arranged in a central regular triangle shape. The frame is designed with the typical right-angle arrangement, and the left and right power button and volume keys are relatively close to the upper part.

(Source: Geely)

At the end of September, 2021, Geely officially announced that it would start developing smartphones and positioned its smartphone products at the high-end market. Li Shufu, the founder and chairman of the company, personally took the lead by founding Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. According to Li’s vision, smartphones can create rich consumption scenarios together with car networking and satellite internet, so as to provide users with a more convenient, intelligent, interconnected, multi-screen and interactive experience.

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Rumors have emerged previously that Geely’s smartphone company is in contact with domestic mobile phone manufacturer MEIZU to discuss a possible acquisition. As an old car company, Geely has now invested in the development of high-end smartphones. It is also an important path for Geely to integrate smartphones with intelligent cars, forming ecological advantages.

Besides Geely, there are rumors that NIO Inc., a new energy vehicle company based in China, will also enter the smartphone industry. In this regard, William Li, Founder, Chairman and CEO of NIO, once said that the company’s smartphone business is still in the research stages.