Tuya Smart and Alipay Release Digital Business District Solutions

Tuya Smart, an IoT development platform, and Alipay, an online payment platform owned by Alibaba, held a launch event in Hangzhou on Tuesday, announcing a hotel-centered digital business district solution.

At the event, Tuya Smart also released a digital business district solution and its Hotel Bluetooth mesh solution. In addition, for the hotel industry, the company launched the industry version of its voice speakers and dashboard products. In the future, voice speakers and dashboards will serve as important interactive devices in the digital business districts.

The digital business district management tool jointly created by Tuya Hotel, a smart hotel platform as a service (PaaS) open platform, and Alipay provides management functions for business districts, merchants, commodities, and deliveries. In order to improve order conversion rates, Tuya Hotel’s new service offering covers all links a guest would need in a hotel environment. Functions such as 30-second convenient check-in, face recognition door locks and smart speakers aim to make visitors’ stays as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Tuya Hotel’s Bluetooth Mesh can be applied to a variety of devices, such as magnetic card plug-in switches, temperature controllers and smart lights. Enterprise users can edit and store rules in batch online, making it easier to manage customized settings across the hotel chain as a whole. Just about every basic hotel room control function that previously needed to be operated by hand is now connected via the Bluetooth mesh protocol, ensuring ease of use of visitors wherever they are situated.

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Na Jingdan, Vice President of Tuya Smart Market and Strategic Cooperation and CMO, described the company’s efforts to remake the hotel experience, saying: “We hope that through this strategic cooperation, we can help the domestic hotels find new opportunities. With the power of IoT, hotels will no longer be just a place to live shortly when people travel far away, but also a ‘digital business circle alliance center’ connecting merchandise commercial entities.”