Trunk.Tech Partners With Tanway to Install LiDAR in Commercial Vehicles

Tanway, a laser LiDAR product manufacturer, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on Wednesday with Trunk.Tech, an automated driving truck service provider. The two sides will carry out business cooperation and technical exploration in the fields of autonomous commercial vehicles and intelligent logistics.

In the future, Tanway and Trunk.Tech will jointly develop a sensing technology solution based on an ALS technology platform and auto-level hybrid solid-state LiDAR, which will help the mass production process of unmanned trucks and the realization of smart logistics business.

For logistics on ports and main roads, Trunk.Tech will give priority to carrying LiDAR products of Tanway, which will be used for the detection and perception of mass-produced automated driving heavy trucks. These products can be used for navigation, obstacle avoidance and long-distance detection of automated driving trucks, with a wide angle of 120 degrees and a detection distance of 150 to 200 meters.

The cooperation between Tanway and Trunk.Tech will involve at least 1,000 unmanned commercial vehicles.

Founded in 2017, Tanway is a LiDAR manufacturer with solid-state scanning, domestic chip TOF (Time of Flight) measurement and image fusion technology. In 2021, the first phase of a Suzhou auto-level LiDAR production line of Tanway was completed, and it is estimated that an annual production capacity of 200,000 units will be realized by the end of 2022.

According to Wang Shiwei, Founder and CEO of Tanway, in addition to its cooperation with Trunk.Tech, the company will also release its mass production cooperation plan in the passenger car market in the first half of 2022. At the same time, the company is expected to complete a B round of financing this year.

Up to now, Tanway has completed three rounds of financing. The latest was an A round of financing worth 100 million yuan ($15.76 million) completed in September 2021. This round was jointly led by Joint Capital and Nantong Jiayi Fund, and followed by SDP Investment and HS Group. It was mainly used to build a laser radar production base and test and calibration center, as well as the construction of a new product line team.

The company’s official website shows that Trunk.Tech was founded in 2017,focusing on the R&D and application of L4-level self driving technology for trucks. The company provides automated driving technology and transportation services for port shipping hubs and highway logistics.

Trunk.Tech has recently launched the “Trunk Master” automated driving system for the new generation of mass-produced automated driving trucks, and has put hundreds of automated driving trucks into operation and testing on ports and highways.

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In 2021, Trunk obtained the first batch of commercial vehicle automated driving test licenses in Beijing, and took the lead in starting the high-speed open road test of L4 automated driving. At the same time, the firm is carrying out special line transportation business with its logistics partners, and the accumulated transportation mileage has exceeded 1.5 million kilometers.