TRON CEO Justin Sun Blocked on Chinese Social Media Again

One day after TRON CEO Justin Sun’s account on Chinese Twitter-like platform Weibo was shut down on December 12, his newly opened account named Teacher Justin Sun was blocked again, for complaints saying that the account goes against certain laws and regulations and Weibo community convention.

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Before the new account was shut down today, Sun was asking Weibo’s users to follow his new account, retweet the post and tag three friends, and as a result he will pick one of them to win a lottery named Dream Fund, totalling 50,000 yuan ($7,166).

“I missed you guys so much! Your Mr. Sun is back! I understand that you guys are asking if I will still give out the Dream Fund since something went wrong with my original Weibo account. I would say that I will for sure insist on the Fund!” Sun posted in the new account on the midnight on December 12.

Justin Sun's post on Weibo
Justin Sun’s post on Weibo

As founder of the cryptocurrency platform TRON and current CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun went viral on the Internet last time because he rescheduled lunch with legendary American investor Warren Buffet on short notice.

According to Weibo’s terms and conditions, certain posts or accounts will be blocked if they are politically damaging, illegal, fake, infringing others’ personal rights and copyrights.

Sun’s previous Weibo account was blocked for the same reason.

“We have a direct channel to Weibo and will get this resolved asap,” Sun posted on Twitter after the first account was ousted.

The entrepreneur is famous for excessive exposure on social media promoting himself. He always uses money as an incentive to grab attention and attract followers. He used the same tactic on Twitter on the day when both of his Weibo accounts were still banned.

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