TikTok’s Sister App Douyin Releases Alpha Test of “Video-Listening Mode”

In its most recent alpha test, ByteDance’s Douyin has launched a “video-listening mode”, with which users can continue to listen to videos they’re watching on Douyin even after they’ve minimized the program or locked their screen. The feature is similar to playing an audiobook in the background.

However, the “video-listening” function is still in its testing stage. There would be a prompt of “video-listening mode” above the short video interface of users who are participating in the test.

The “video-listening mode” would most likely suit short-story and news better than other forms of content. At present, Douyin is filled with all kinds of content, including finance, technology, stories, and more. By adding the “video-listening mode”, users can now access continue to listen to their program while doing something else on their phone.

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Data shows that the number of online audio users in China was 570 million in 2020 and is expected to reach 690 million in 2022.