TikTok Rival Zynn Will Return to Google Play Store Soon

Google’s Play Store will put Zynn back on the shelves as soon as possible, said Kuaishou, the Chinese rival to TikTok-owner ByteDance.

“We’ve had a good conversation with Google Play,” the company said. “For users who have downloaded Zynn, their rights will not be affected in any way.”

Zynn was removed Tuesday from Google amid accusations from social media influencers that their videos were reposted without permission. The removal was because of a reported video, Kuaishou explained, which was uploaded by a user who copied it from other platforms. The situation has been quickly and seriously taken care of, the company said.

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As a short video community that encourages users to share original content, Zynn has taken copyright issues seriously and launched a series of methods to prevent plagiarism, the company said. Users can report plagiarism by simply clicking the feedback button below the video and Zynn will judge and process the complaint accordingly.

Launched in May, Zynn produces hundreds of thousands of original videos every day. It has become one of the most downloaded apps in the U.S., partially because it offers cash rewards to users who sign up and watch videos.